Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Investment Made!

I have finally decided to invest with my stake money. My strategy was to get something cheap from a yard sale and resell it for a higher amount of money. Granted, there's not a lot you can get with just over a buck and a half, but I went for it anyways. And I was in luck. I found an old, manual, Sears Roebuck Typewriter going for just $3.00. After talking to the woman in charge of the sale and explaining that I was doing an economics expirement to see what you can buy with spare change, we agreed to lower the price down to $1.00. (I wanted to typecast this post,, but unfortunately my scanner is not behaving [Bad scanner. Go sit in the corner]. Besides, the ink ribbon is in bad shape.) So now I have a Sears Roebuck Keyboard with case and manual for resale. I think I'll save it for a later step, so that I don't have to cut off the extra money.
Do I have a manual typewriter worth $5.00?
Or do I have an antique word processor worth $35.00?
If you guess the reference, you win a cookie.

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